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The Photo Festival in Japan is an annual event of exhibition of landscapes photographs captured by foreign residents in Japan. Today live in the archipelago more than 2 million foreign and in Aichi-ken province represent about 2.7% of the population, that capture beautiful images of this country in their sightseeing trips or work.

Our Goal:

The Festival aims to provide opportunities for any photographer to expose  landscapes photographs to an audience that appreciates good images. To interact with other photographers and to learn more about photography, printing, etc.


The idea of he Festival was created by Matsuo Sato, landscape photographer, who along with Marcio Saiki, Jesimiel Lopes and Ricardo Kawamorita formed the first committee of the Festival.

About one hundred of photos were submitted to the organizing committee, 84 were chosen for the first exhibition that was held on 16th of May 17th, 2015 at NIC (Nagoya International Center).

In 2015 the event was supported by the Brazilian Consulate in Nagoya and the solemn opening was performed by the Consul himself Excellency Mr. Arnaldo Caiche D'Oliveira.

For 2016, the Photo Festival in Japan has the support of Nagoya Prefecture, the Nagoya International Center and the Consulate of Brazil in Nagoya. A new committee was formed by replacing Ricardo Kawamorita by Ricardo Ito.

In the press:

The Photo Festival in Japan had disclosure made by the magazine Alternativa, the newspaper Chunichi Shinbum, most readen newspaper in the region and fourth largest in the country wrote an article about the event. IPCTV, an affiliate of Globo Internacional, Portal Mie and the website Paparazzo did that too. 



フォトフェスティバルインジャパンは、毎年行われる年間行事で主に日本に住む外国人が 撮った風景の写真を公開する展示会です。今では200万人もの外国人が愛知県に住んでおり県内の人口の2.5%をしめています。その中でたくさんの人が旅行や観光を通して日本のすばらしい景色を写 真に収めてくれます。


フェスティバルの目的はすべてのフォトグラファー達に自分の風景写真を公開する機会を与 え、観賞してもらいながら他の写真家とアイデアを交換をしたりして新しいことを学ぶために開催されます。


フェスティバルのアイデアはサトウマツオさんという写真家から始まり、それに続けて サ イキマルシオ、ロペスジェジミエルとカワモリタリカルドさん達が最初の組織委員会となりました。何百もの写真が送られ、選択された84枚が2015年5月16.17日にNIC(名古屋国際センター)で開 催されたフォトフェスティバルインジャパンに展示されました。2015年のフェスティバルは、在名古屋ブラジル総領事館のサポートを頂いてお り、閣下領事アルナルドドリヴェイラカイシェ氏自らによって厳粛な開催式が行われました。2016年には名古屋市役所、名古屋インターナ ショナルセンター、名古屋ブラジル領事館のサポートによって開催するつもりです。組織委員会の一人カワモリタリカルドさんからイトウリカ ルドさんに代わり新しいチームになりました。


フォトフェスティバルの開催は雑誌アルテナチバや、地域の中で最も読まれている中日新聞 に掲載され、GLOBO・INTERNATIONALの関連会社であるIPCTV、Portal MIe、ウェブサイトPaparazzoで公開されました。



O Photo Festival in Japan é um evento anual de exposição de fotografias de paisagem captadas por estrangeiros residentes no Japão. Hoje vivem no arquipélago mais de 2 milhões de estrangeiros e na província de Aichi-ken representam cerca de 2,7% da população, que captam imagens belíssimas deste país em suas viagens de turismo ou a trabalho.


O Festival tem como objetivo principal dar oportunidade a qualquer fotógrafo expor suas fotografias de paisagens para um público que aprecia boas imagens. Interagir com outros fotógrafos e aprender mais sobre impressão, etc.


A idéia do Festival nasceu do fotógrafo de paisagens Matsuo Sato, que juntamente com Marcio Saiki, Jesimiel Lopes e Ricardo Kawamorita formaram a primeira comissão organizadora do Festival.

Das centenas de fotos enviadas a comissão organizadora, foram escolhidas 84 para a primeira exposição que foi realizada nos dia 16 e 17 de maio de 2015 no NIC (Nagoya International Center). 

Em 2015 o evento contou com o apoio do Consulado Brasileiro em Nagóia tendo inclusive a abertura solene realizada pelo próprio cônsul Excelentíssimo Sr. Arnaldo Caiche D’Oliveira.

Para 2016, o Photo Festival in Japan conta com o apoio da Prefeitura de Nagóia, do Nagoya International Center e do Consulado do Brasil em Nagóia. Uma nova comissão foi formada com a substituição de Ricardo Kawamorita por Ricardo Ito.

Na imprensa:

O Photo Festival in Japan teve divulgação feita pela Revista Alternativa e matéria no Jornal Chunichi Shinbum, maior jornal escrito da região e quarto maior do país em tiragem. Matéria na IPCTV, afiliada da Globo Internacional, Portal Mie e no website Paparazzo.